Original Music

My Afro (Original Mix)

Original Track. Goin for a harder, bouncy, swelling feel.


Lala (Original Mix)

King Triton’s Funk

Some funky riffs with the help of my mom’s piano.

Techie (Static IP Address)

Techie (Original Mix)

Electrotube (Original Mix)

Original prog house track. Makes me think of Phish, mixed with Blue Man Group, Mixed with Womp.

Go America (all over everyone’s ass)

Greatest samples ever for this original… Thanks Joel and Charlie!

I Didn’t Do That

Original House Track… Meeting the industry standards

Waves (Superstorm Mix) feat. Tim Butler

Superstorm mix of “Waves” feat. Tim Butler. Sandy would be proud.

Waves feat. Tim Butler

“Waves” an original based on guitar parts from my man Tim Butler

Never Stop

Electro House track, chipmunk vox and all

Data Recovery

Original Track. Almost had it complete when I lost the files and had to restart from scratch grrrr… hence the name.


Original track… Kramer getting pumped for the DEATHBLOW

24 Hrs

My submission for the Ableton beat the clock contest. The premise: M83, Nosaj Thing, and Junior boys supplied the material to be remixed, and contestants have 24 hours to submit an original work.


New original

Emo Pino

My first original

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